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“Charles and I worked together as volunteers running the Harvard Business School alumni group in London and also the HBS Global leadership Forum (in 2005). He was wonderful to work with and I would recommend him without reservation for any endeavour.”  Sherry Coutu CBE

“Charles and I served for several years together on the Harvard Business School Global Alumni Board. During this time, we had opportunities to work together on projects, develop advice for the Dean, Faculty and Staff of the school and to enjoy each other’s company in social gatherings in connection with our Board gatherings. Charles was always a thoughtful and inspriring contributor to our work. His experience and perspective from many years of working with people around the globe helped him to contribute perspective and wisdom for us all. It has been a real delight to come to know him and be able to call him friend and colleague.”  Lorne Adrian, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

“Charles has an astute legal mind which is firmly anchored in reality, enabling him to advise his clients on the best and most viable course of action. He is alert to the wider implications, and able to identify unforeseen opportunities. He makes and explains his case lucidly, and is a pleasure to work alongside.”
Philip Downer, Managing Director, Calliope Gifts Ltd

“Charles is a highly skilled and enthusiastic professional who combines an ability to see the big picture whilst not losing the valuable ability to see details and their implications. He brings a keen sense of humour in his work.”  Steve Bispham, Directing Partner

“Charles is a very competent highly rated professional with an excellent track record of success in working for a variety of clients.”  Richard Holroyd, Non Executive Director, C&C Group

“Charles achieves outstanding results for his clients and has an enviable reputation as an expert in his fields of excellence. A true team player who provides high quality professional advice to corporate clients and other professionals.”  Malcolm Billington, Business Transformation Consultant, Interim Management, Chartered Accountant, Chartered IT Professional

“Charles and I served as officers of the Harvard Business School Alumni Club in London. Charles was always strategic and diligent in his efforts and works with the utmost integrity.”  Nenad Marovac
Founder, Managing Partner, DN Capital

“Charles was a v.effective/hard-working Chair of the Harvard B School Club of London, some years after me, so I imagine he would be similar at Moore Stephens–with a strong client-orientation and sense of responsibility. I recommend him.”  Mark Weedon, Principal, BoardSearch

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